Can you hook up an antenna to a projector

You cannot connect your tv to your projector, but if you have a cable or satellite set top box (or dvd, blu-ray, vcr), you should be able to connect the output of the set top box to the projector (and the audio to a home theater system. Just hook up to one of the hdmi inputs on the onkyo and hook the projector to the output if it's an older onkyo receiver (like circa 2007 or so) you may need additional cables, depending on the model. If your projector doesn't automatically pick up on the hdmi connection, you will need to switch it manually this is done either through the video input menu on the projector, or via an hdmi button on the projector body.

So, i have a hd projector and i really want to watch lost in hd but i also cannot afford to get hd service from comcast i know you can get hd through an antennae, but i cannot figure out how to hook up the antennae to my hd projector without the use of a computer. Set up your cable, satellite or outside antenna junction box in a convenient location that's accessible to remote control signals and near a power outlet 3 measure the distance from the permanently mounted projector location to the tv reception device in step 2 use an adequate length of shielded high definition video cable to run from the tv. How to watch free hd tv using only a paper clip an introduction to digital over the air tv - duration: 19:52 richard lloyd 1,502,114 views.

Yes, you can connect multiple tvs to one antenna,and i'll show you how click now to check out my simple, step-by-step guide. You need to get a separate hd receiver for projector i have my 720p projector hooked up to hd satellite and my ota antenna movies and football games look great i have my 720p projector hooked up to hd satellite and my ota antenna movies and football games look great.

I want to hook an off the air hd antenna up to an hd 720p projector what is the best way to do this i want to keep the cost as low as possible without sacrificing 720p hd quality the antenna has an rf connector the projector has hdmi inputs, as well as component and vga inputs i know i could buy a dvr and connect. From the people who brought you the dummies instructional book series, brings you the same non-intimidating guides in video form this is consumer electronics for dummies just watch this video tutorial to learn how to connect an antenna or cable to your hdtv, for dummies connecting an antenna or cable to your hdtv is a step-by. How to hook up cable to a projector if you own a small-screen tv and want to increase image size without buying a new television, or if you simply want the experience of theater-style viewing at home, a projector can be a. 1 power off your projector and satellite receiver and then connect the two components via video cable ensure that the video type you select is supported by both devices.

You plug your cable box into the receiver via hdmi and let the receiver handle the audio - sending it out to separate speakers - and then pass the video signal (via a second hdmi cable) from the receiver's video output to the projector. Why pay the cable or satellite companies to watch what you can get for free consider this: pay tv subscribers spend most of their time watching network programs which they can get for free with an over the air (ota) antenna or they pay the satellite company a monthly fee to access local channels, $5 or more per month installing the clear view digital hd antenna can. How to hook up a tv antenna this wikihow teaches you how to select and set up an antenna for your tv determine your television's antenna connector type virtually every tv has an antenna input on the back or side this is where you'll.

How to hook up hdmi cable television to a projector share on facebook while your epson projector is an integral part of your office presentations, it is also capable of displaying cable television and antenna broadcasts the device contains composite video and audio ports on the back of the unit, as well as an s-video port that broadcasts. One of the downsides of a projector is that all of these wires can be expensive, and you will need longer cables to reach your projector than you would with a conventional television while all of these cables are marked up tremendously at retail stores, you can find cheaper generic cables on ebay, amazon, or at your local hardware store. Hi all, i am a total home theater noob, but i just set my first system and i'm having trouble figuring out how to connect my hdtv antenna to my receiver. I have this projector[/ur solved coax input broke off on back of tv which is an is a hitachi 40 in how would i plug up an antenna i don't have cable i have ove forum solved coax port broke on tv how can i hook cable up uses hdmi forum how do i determine the type of signal the antenna hooks in via a co-ax cable but regardless of what choices.

How to connect an antenna or cable to your hdtv audio transcript before you can watch anything on your hdtv, you need to get a tv signal into your television the most common way is via an antenna or cable box since most over the air television stations. Yes, if you can find an external tuner with coax in and hdmi out, you should be able to watch tv from your antenna through any device with and hdmi input the linkskey does not have hdmi out from what i can see, but it has a vga out, which looks like it would work with your projector. Indoor antenna (coaxial) to projector (hdmi) - need hd tuner bose_100 jan 25, 2014, 11:23 pm i need to connect the indoor antenna (coaxial output) to my projector (having hdmi input) to watch the hd channels i need to use a hd tv tuner what product is best to handles all channels for a decent price and easy use.

Can you hook up an antenna to a projector
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